Features & Benefits

  • Powder-coated aluminum extrusions for maximum longevity.
  • ThermaProtect thermally-improved aluminum frame and sash to prevent energy exchange.
  • 3/4″ Dual Glaze Cardinal LowE 366 double-strength glass to block solar gain, reflect heat, and let light in.
  • Warm-Edge XL Edge Spacer for outstanding thermal performance.
  • AAMA 2604 powder coat finish for rich color and enhanced durability.


  • 4 Styles
  • 4 Grids + 2 Grid Options
  • 3 Color options
  • 3 Styles of Opaque Glass


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Warm-Edge XL Edge Spacer System for Energy Savings and Endurance

Experience years of reliable performance and peace of mind with our Warm-Edge XL Spacer System.

The XL Edge Spacer System is an innovative insulated glass system, incorporating a dual-seal silicone framework with patented stainless steel spacers instead of aluminum. Renowned for its durability, XL Edge stands as one of the most resilient spacer systems currently on the market.

ThermaProtect™ Insulation Barrier: Your Best Defense Against the Elements

For optimal protection, our unique ThermaProtect™ insulation barrier provides top-notch thermal protection against the elements. Aluminum, while inherently strong, is also highly conductive, allowing energy to pass through easily.

By harnessing this inherent strength and integrating it with a state-of-the-art application with a distinctive thermal barrier, we've created the ideal blueprint for window construction.

Which Window Style Is Best For You?

When choosing the style of windows for your space, you should consider more than appearance alone. Each window style has its own unique attributes and, therefore, should be used for particular applications.

  • Single-Hung

    Single and double-hung windows look very similar. However, in a single-hung window, only the bottom sash (glass pane) opens.

    ● Cost effective
    ● Safe
    ● Easy to operate

  • Double-Hung

    Some people appreciate the versatility of a double-hung window in which both the bottom and top sash open.

    ● Flexible
    ● Maximum air flow
    ● Easy to clean

  • Picture

    A picture window does not open and does not typically have a grid to interfere with the view of the outdoors.

    ● Unencumbered views
    ● No maintenance
    ● Modern aesthetic

  • Sliding

    A sliding window is a great choice for a wide window opening. Like picture windows, sliding windows do not often have grids.

    ● Cost effective
    ● Low maintenance
    ● Easy to open