Vinyl Patio Doors

Features & Benefits

  • Steel reinforcement in vertical stiles for strength and stability.
  • Draining system with anti-return flap keeps water out.
  • High performance Low-E glass with argon for energy efficiency.
  • Dual-point locking system for increased security.


  • 6 Widths
  • 6 Configurations of Opening and Fixed Panels
  • 2 Grid Options
  • 2 Interior Color Options
  • 16 Exterior Color Options
  • 7 Hardware Options


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Energy Efficient Glass Options

Windows and sliding patio doors from NT Window feature state-of-the-art glass technology, providing exceptional thermal performance to lower your energy bills and to keep your family comfortable all summer long.

  • Low-E Glass

    Low-E glass is treated with a minuscule layer of silver, which reflects radiant solar energy while allowing light to penetrate the glass. This feature enhances comfort indoors and reduces energy expenses.

  • Low-E Glass And Argon Gas

    Argon gas acts as an insulating barrier sandwiched between two panes of Low-Eglass, enhancing thermal efficiency and reducing exterior noise levels, akin to an insulating blanket.

Which Window Style Is Best For You?

When choosing the style of windows for your space, you should consider more than appearance alone. Each window style has its own unique attributes and, therefore, should be used for particular applications.

  • Single-Hung

    Single and double-hung windows look very similar. However, in a single-hung window, only the bottom sash (glass pane) opens.

    ● Cost effective
    ● Safe
    ● Easy to operate

  • Double-Hung

    Some people appreciate the versatility of a double-hung window in which both the bottom and top sash open.

    ● Flexible
    ● Maximum air flow
    ● Easy to clean

  • Picture

    A picture window does not open and does not typically have a grid to interfere with the view of the outdoors.

    ● Unencumbered views
    ● No maintenance
    ● Modern aesthetic

  • Sliding

    A sliding window is a great choice for a wide window opening. Like picture windows, sliding windows do not often have grids.

    ● Cost effective
    ● Low maintenance
    ● Easy to open